Fandango plans to retire from wrestling shortly

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Fandango plans to retire from wrestling shortly

Between 2020 and 2021, WWE went to fire several great characters from its main roster and its NXT, part of a very important budget cut plan, initially due to the economic problems that came with the covid, which always initially had led the WWE to have to make forced choices, eliminating several Superstars who were no longer needed at the company's shows.

Among the many excluded from the federation crew, both Tyler Breeze and Fandango, the two former couple champions of NXT, returned at different times, who had also passed from the main roster of Raw and Smackdown, before returning to the yellow show ring.

Both former NXT laurel holders as a couple had also become ballast for the McMahon-owned company, with their future still not looking decided outside the WWE televisions, not having signed any contracts with any company yet.

Fandango opens up on his future

Former WWE star Fandango opened up about his retirement plans during a recent virtual signing with the Asylum Wrestling Store. Now known as Dirty Dango on the independent circuit, the 38-year-old star revealed that he plans on retiring at the age of 40.

In his latest interview at the opening of the Asylum Wrestling Store last Saturday via satellite, the former WWE wrestler spoke about the future, saying: "Yes, I thought of both companies (both AEW and impact Wrestling ed).

I have not yet reached an agreement with them nor have they come to live with me. But I've talked to some companies and some other companies as well. But, you know, I think I'm going to change my character for next year, you know, by going to different TV shows.

I want to mix things up a bit. I'm 38 now. I'm planning on retiring around 40. So, for now, I just want to have fun and do stuff in independents and meet some WWE friends I haven't seen in several years, end up on TV somewhere, which would be even better no, you know?" Who knows, at the end, where Fandango will also end up after his overnight release by WWE McMahon, after years of honorable service for the number one company in the world? Fandango, real name Curtis Hussey, signed a developmental contract with WWE way back in 2006.

He spent 15 years in the company and enjoyed a successful spell in the tag team division alongside Tyler Breeze during the final years in WWE.