Could Daniel Bryan return to WWE?

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Could Daniel Bryan return to WWE?
Could Daniel Bryan return to WWE?

One of the most sensational debuts of this 2021 within the All Elite Wrestling rings, was undoubtedly that of Daniel Bryan, once again called for the occasion, simply Bryan Danielson, his old ring name before landing in the ring of the McMahon family.

After the equally sensational arrival in AEW of CM Punk or that of the other former WWE, Adam Cole, also Bryan Danielson is back to fight in a great company that was no longer WWE, after years of honorable service for the McMahons, who they taught the American Dragon so much, by its own admission.

Despite the landing in the rival company of the WWE, several executives of the Stamford-based federation would be sure that sooner or later Bryan can return to fight in WWE, especially given the great relationship that still exists between him and the property, which has remained of great respect even after the contract signed with the Khans.

The latest news on Daniel Bryan

As reported in the latest update on the Fightful Select, it would seem that several executives are convinced that with the relationship that still exists between Vince McMahon and Daniel Bryan, the latter will soon return to the WWE rings, with the journalists who then added: "Some sources in WWE told us that the agreement was very close before his last match was booked and speaking of Bryan Danielson's professionalism in working with Roman Reigns, doing everything possible in their match, he came out in the best of ways from programs.

A source further added 'Bryan has kept things so well with a lot of people that no one understood that he was going to leave or that he would take time out. Nobody could ask for anything better.' " According to WWE internal sources interviewed anonymously by the journalists of the well-known overseas site, therefore, Daniel Bryan seems to have left his door wide open to be able to return to tread the rings of the WWE, in case you tired of working with the AEW of the Khans, one day we still don't know how far away.

WWE management never saw him as a main eventer due to his size and indie background, but he proved them wrong on countless occasions. Even when they tried to overlook Bryan, the audience often forced their hand and made it clear that they wanted to see The American Dragon featured in a prominent position.

To his credit, Bryan never disappointed whenever he was given the opportunity. He was consistently entertaining in the ring and eventually grew into one of the most compelling promos in professional wrestling.

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