When will Sheamus return after his injury?

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When will Sheamus return after his injury?

Over the course of their careers, WWE Superstars, unfortunately, suffer several injuries, very often even in areas where they had suffered damage years before. It is not a rare thing, in fact, that he sees an athlete breaking a knee or a limb twice, while he is making some dives in the rings of the McMahon-owned company, then having to undergo some very delicate surgical operation.

The last to have been the victim of the same injury, twice in a row and in a fairly short time, was Sheamus, former WWE world champion, as well as recently former US champion of Monday Night Raw, who in two distinct occasions is managed to break his nose, then being forced to undergo two surgeries that would restore his nasal septum, otherwise deflected by the blows of Humberto Carrillo and Jeff Hardy.

After having undergone two surgeries to fix his bad nose, which had forced him to show up even with a protective mask on the rings of the WWE red show, Sheamus seems to be almost ready to return to the action in the ring, with the next opponent that according to PW Insider has already been designated in Finn Balor, who's Irish like him, for the next stage that the WWE will make in Europe.

Backstage news on Sheamus

The two have not clashed in a WWE ring since the last meeting of the two had in Dublin, their hometown and now they will do so on the tour that WWE will take to UK from next 3 to 10 November. After being injured in two different matches, first in May, with his operation that had kept him away from the ring for a few weeks and then with the second injury on the 19th of September, with the operation on the 29th of the same month, it seems that Sheamus has solved his nose problems.

Now the challenge that will see the return of the Celtic Warrior to the WWE rings is all in the family, with the Prince of Monday Night Raw, Finn Balor, who is now forewarned. Sheamus broke his nose during a Monday Night RAW match in June, and he quickly underwent surgery and subsequently wore a mask while he recovered from the injury.

The former United States champion went under the knife again at the end of September to fix the nagging nose injury. It has been speculated that Sheamus might have reinjured his nose during his Extreme Rules match against Jeff Hardy and Damian Priest.

He posted the following after his second surgery of the year: ".once more unto the breach dear friends.. 2x wwe👃job champion," wrote Sheamus.