Becky Lynch breaks the storyline to hug a fan

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Becky Lynch breaks the storyline to hug a fan

Each WWE Superstar is given a well-established character over time, with some athletes who must necessarily work as a face, while other colleagues must instead work as a heel and therefore as "bad guys" for the Stamford-based company.

The two great factions always see several great athletes at the top of the category among their ranks, including at the moment, among the best heels of the company, we find athletes of the caliber of Charlotte Flair, Roman Reigns or Becky Lynch, while instead among the ranks of the faces there are Big E, Bianca Belair or Drew McIntyre.

In all of this, athletes must keep their character even outside of WWE programs, such as on social networks, in interviews, in hosted TV or in other speeches, in which athletes are presented as characters and not as athletes, with their real name.

On many occasions, however, wrestlers have not maintained these characteristics, especially if having to remain with a hostile attitude and therefore as a heel, these athletes have found themselves in front of children or fragile people, who therefore could have felt bad in front of a refusal and therefore their gimmick and their character have been modified for that juncture, to make a great gesture towards the fan in question.

Becky Lynch is a heel

Becky Lynch is a heel and the women's champion on Monday Night Raw, but "The Man" is very much a babyface to fans outside the squared circle. As already happened a few years ago with a fan who had given her some Pearl Jam CDs, in a very special gift box, which had brought Becky out of her heel character, once again, the meeting with a young fan of the champion Irish from WWE, he would have changed The Man's attitude, making her go from being one of the most stinging heels of the company, to hugging the girl in tears with emotion.

As you can see in both videos of what we have just reported, Becky Lynch also has a heart of gold and knows very well when to keep her character as a heel even outside the WWE scenes and when instead she can make an exception to the rule.

for a greater good. The fans have always had a soft spot for Becky Lynch and vice versa. It's part of the reason The Man was pushed to the top of the mountain and became the most popular superstar on the women's roster.

Becky's road to Wrestlemania saw her go to the top of the ranks and win at the grandest stage of them all due to her outrageous momentum.