Mick Foley didn't like his WWE character

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Mick Foley didn't like his WWE character

During his long career in professional wrestling, Mick Foley has won 27 titles, including four world titles (having held the WWF Championship three times and the TNA World Heavyweight Championship once). After having published his autobiography, entitled 'Have a Nice Day', he has achieved great success with audiences and critics by devoting himself to writing four books of stories for children.

During his time in WWE, he has played Mankind, Cactus Jack and Dude Love, as well as performed under his real name. The rivalry between Mankind and The Rock helped WWE beat WCW in the rating war. Speaking on the latest edition of the 'Talking Tough' show, Foley revealed that he didn't like the character of Mankind.

Jim Ross, who was head of talent relations at the time, wanted to transfer Mick from ECW in the 1990s, but Vince McMahon was against it. The WWE boss, therefore, imposed a condition: Foley should have worn a mask.

Mick Foley didn't like his Mankind character

“I hated the character of Mankind, I have no problem admitting it.

That mask literally took my breath away and I had a hard time finding oxygen during my performances in the ring. It all started with the fact that Jim Ross was a great admirer of mine, while Vince McMahon had never been interested in me.

From his point of view, I didn't have what it takes to be a big superstar. In the fall of 1995, Vince was finally convinced, but he made it a condition that I wear a mask to cover his face" - said Mick Foley. Recently, the 56-year-old from Bloomington criticized NXT: “When you have a development system, the risk is that you lose some individuality.

You may have a lot of wrestlers who can make spectacular moves, but whose names you can't remember after they're done fighting. I watched NXT shows sporadically and found it hard to remember the characteristics of all those guys.

WWE must solve this problem." Since Mick Foley joined the brand in the summer of 2020, 205 Live has become a little depleted. Many NXT development talents, like Trey Baxter and Joe Gacy, are featured on the show now. Dewey first received his WWE gig after the company spotted some of his creative work online.

His Hall of Famer father Mick Foley let WWE know that his son was interested in working for them. WWE Executive Triple H is reportedly an admirer of Dewey's work.