Cain Velasquez comments on Brock Lesnar

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Cain Velasquez comments on Brock Lesnar
Cain Velasquez comments on Brock Lesnar

A lot more was to be expected from Cain Velasquez in WWE. The former UFC champion would have needed more time to settle in the Stamford-based federation, a luxury he was not given due to the outbreak of the global pandemic.

His stint in Vince McMahon’s company did not last even a year, as he was released in April 2020 after making his debut in the company six months earlier. His only televised match was the one against Brock Lesnar in the 2019 edition of the pay-per-view Crown Jewel, which ended with a clear victory for the Beast.

Velasquez, just like Lesnar, boasted a successful past in mixed martial arts and hoped to make it into wrestling as well. The two had met in the UFC in 2010, when Cain was able to fold Brock to become the new heavyweight champion.

In a recent interview with 'The MMA Hour', Velasquez talked about his brief WWE adventure and his feud with Brock Lesnar.

Cain Velasquez talks about Brock Lesnar

“I haven't worked with Brock Lesnar in a long time, which I regretted.

I don't know him very well, I only know where he comes from and little else. He has also managed to be successful in professional wrestling and I respect him for that. Everything you see out there when he performs is exactly who he is.

Outside the ring he is obviously more human, but his essence is not so different from that of the character he plays” - explained Cain Velasquez. Cain also talked about his release from WWE: “I did everything I could to try to be useful.

I was there to help, but something went wrong. The experience in WWE should have represented a turning point in my career, but the balance was quite disappointing. It hurt me, as I expect a lot from myself. What happened? They just never used me.

COVID further complicated the situation and they preferred to let me go. I don't bear any grudges, it just went like this." Roman Reigns did not have the best of times on WWE SmackDown last week. He tried to provoke Brock Lesnar, but that didn’t turn out too well for The Tribal Chief.

The Beast Incarnate launched a vicious attack on the Universal Champion and half the roster, resulting in his indefinite suspension. While he will now stay away from television, Reigns will look to move on from the beatdown for a while.

Cain Velasquez Brock Lesnar

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