Tyler Breeze Speaks About His Neck Issues

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Tyler Breeze Speaks About His Neck Issues

Even though former WWE wrestler Tyler Breeze never got his hands on a major title in the WWE, he was still very popular in the company. He appeared on the Oral Sessions to tell why he hasn’t returned to professional wrestler ever since he was released by the WWE.

Tyler Breeze has had many feuds in the WWE and was known for his charisma and excellent promo skills. He revealed that he is recovering from multiple injuries. However, the problem that really bothers him the most is his neck.

Tyler Breeze Speaks About The Issues He Is Dealing With After WWE Release

“My neck was a big issue. I was like ‘is it actually messed up or what?’ They said, ‘It’s a combo of things. We need to loosen it all up and need to get it moving again.’ Boom, they nailed it, they’re done.

Now the last lingering thing is my arm, my shoulder, which we thought initially was my rotator cuff. It’s my bicep tendon and it’s kind of pinching. I can’t work out how I want to because I have no strength.

It pinches and it stops. We’ve been working on it like crazy and it’s actually getting better to where I’m like ‘okay. I’m very close to being where I want to be.’ And I don’t want to go wrestle anywhere till I’m back in shape and I’m back in wrestling shape.

Aside from the school, I haven’t wrestled for three or four months. And I’m not in the shape I want to be to go somewhere. And I’m not going to go somewhere out of shape. I haven’t watched much wrestling.

I watch here and there when my friends are on. Obviously when (Xavier) Woods wins King of the Ring or when (Adam) Cole debuts. That type of stuff I’m going to watch. But for the most part, I haven’t watched a lot, and even when I do watch, there’s nothing that makes me go, ‘Oh man, I’d have a really fun match with this guy’ or ‘I think this would be really cool.’ Nothing is sparking me to go yet.

I remember when Cole was figuring out what he was going to do, I watched when he debuted (in AEW). The crowd was back and I think that especially too because when I finished up, the crowd wasn’t really back yet. It was but it wasn’t.

And watching an arena full of people, when they react, I got goosebumps for it. I went ‘oh!’. It’s still in there, but it’s not quite there yet. So I’m going to just relax until it’s fully there and I have to pull the trigger on it,” Tyler Breeze said.