R-Truth on Possibly Working with Carmella Again

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R-Truth on Possibly Working with Carmella Again

R-Truth is known as one of the fumiest wrestlers that the WWE has ever produced and he spoke about possibly working with Carmella again in the future. R-Truth was on the Wrestling Inc. Daily. He was there to promote his new single titled ‘Legacy’.

R-Truth is well known for his incredibly entertaining run as the WWE 24/7 Champion. He first spoke about his recent visit to the WWE Performance Center.

R-Truth Hints That he Will Work With Carmella Soon on TV Again

“I love Hit Row man.

I’d love to do something with them,” R-Truth revealed. “I went to the PC and met all of them, and I like what they’re doing. I love what they’re doing. You might see me do something with them. I mean, they’re on SmackDown, I’m on RAW, but this is the wrestling businessman, you never know what’s gonna happen.

It’d be very fun. I like to give them the rub. I’m down like that”. The current champion is Reggie and he has held the title for more than 100 days. He shared his thoughts on why he believes Reggie stand out in WWE.

“I’m not gonna hate. I’m gonna congratulate him,” R-Truth stated. “That’s how I am. Reggie is a hell of a guy. You see what he does? We’ve never had nobody do like he does. Ricochet and all those guys are good, but Reggie, he’s slippery, man.

He’s slick. I think he went to the ‘School of Slick-ology’. You ever heard of that? He’s filled with ‘slick-isms’. He can do slippery all over the place. He’s good at what he does, but I’m better.

I’ll get my baby back dawg. Don’t worry about that”. R-Truth also formed a very unique and entertaining tag team with Carmella, who is another famous WWE superstar. They fought in the Mix Match Challenge that was held on Smackdown.

R-Truth hinted that he wishes to work with her again in the future. “It’s good. I’m happy for her to get to shine and do her thing,” R-Truth expressed. “A lot of people don’t get to see her work, but Carmella is very smart.

She knows the wrestling business. A lot of stuff we were doing she would throw in her stuff. She would help us put stuff together. So she’s very, very knowledgeable about the business. Ring awareness, entertaining, timing, she’s very good at what she does. She’s on RAW, right? So, you never know what may happen. You may see a reunion”.