New background emerges on Keith Lee's woes in WWE

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New background emerges on Keith Lee's woes in WWE

The last few hours have been hectic at the WWE with the company carrying out a major new series of incredible layoffs. Among the most important superstars to be released there is undoubtedly Keith Lee who was surprisingly 'wiped out' by the company along with his partner Mia Yim.

There have been several rumors about the company's choice to take out what, by many, was considered one of the most promising young superstars. After a great start and important numbers in the main roster (the victory against Randy Orton at Payback and some titled matches), Keith Lee had health problems, some related to Covid-19 and had stopped wrestling for several months.

He had recently returned to WWE shows as Keith 'Bearcat' Lee.

The latest on Keith Lee's situation

PWTorch colleague Wade Keller revealed other interesting insights into the WWE backstage experience of what was referred to as The LimitLess.

Keith Lee's farewell surprised the WWE Universe a lot and also part of the backstage because everyone imagined a bright future for him. According to Keller, Keith Lee reportedly had "perceived attitude problems" on the WWE roster.

Keller also said that he was also told that Lee's attitude was definitely problematic. Here is what Wade Keller said: "Keith Lee, I have chronicled for months and months and months and months and months, was somebody that even people that were rooting for him behind the scenes, became frustrated with him.

He just had, in general, attitude issues. Or, as one wrestler told me tonight, ‘perceived attitude issues,’ edging a little bit, others have said outright… attitude problems. He just was frustrated. I’ve heard different things about him in terms of his mood being altered way more than it should in the modern era, about being asked to do a job."

Keith Lee also recently denied the rumors that the Bearcat name change was his choice, stating instead that he knows absolutely nothing.