WWE: Smackdown Superstar Shotzi Blackheart confirms her turn heel


WWE: Smackdown Superstar Shotzi Blackheart confirms her turn heel

During last week's episode of Friday Night Smackdown, Shotzi Blackheart went to take it personally with Sasha Banks, after her defeat at the hands of Charlotte Flair, in one of the most acclaimed contests of the blue show.

After the green-haired girl, former NXT, received a challenge with the champion of the blue show, in case if she won she would have a future titled opportunity against the WWE Queen, interference from the Boss forced Shotzi to give in to the blows of the champion, with all the fury of the girl in the tank, who thus fell on the defenseless Sasha Banks.

Since last week, therefore, a feud between the two has opened, with Shotzi Blackheart who seemed to have already made his turn heel, which was confirmed only tonight, when the WWE aired his backstage interview, in which news about his character arrived, because obviously, all the babyface facets, will now have to disappear from his character, as it should be after a turn heel.

Shotzi Blackheart says goodbye to her tank

After confirming that his new goal in WWE has a name and a surname, obviously Sasha Banks, Shotzi Blackheart wanted to confirm that he does not have, nor does he want anymore, the support of the WWE Universe, with several phrases already in clear heel style, which they made fans understand how the girl's attitude changed from week to week.

As it wanted to demonstrate, moreover, as estimated by several sites last Friday, Shotzi also claimed to have abandoned his tank, a clear hallmark of a babyface, which now no longer serves the girl. Now the WWE is trying to do everything to attract heat towards the girl, with the elimination of her tank that has already broken the relationship with the fans, who loved him very much.

We will see in the coming weeks how this feud will evolve, also seeing how the character of Shotzi will evolve, with the WWE that is focusing a lot on her, as the new emerging face of the company's blue show.