PCO Comments on Returning to MSG

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PCO Comments on Returning to MSG

A few wrestlers love performing at certain arenas. Whether it is the crowd or how famous the arena is, there is always a reason for wrestlers to prefer one arena over the other. The Madison Square Garden has been home to some of the best wrestling matches of all time.

Many great wrestlers have performed at the MSG. Besides holding wrestling matches, Madison Square Garden has been home to various other combat sports events. Many great boxing fights took place there. PCO is a veteran wrestler who recently signed with Ring of Honor.

He had the honor of being at a house show and was part of the main event at the Madison Square Garden once. He wrestled the legendary Bret Hart that night. On the WINCLY podcast, he spoke about how he knew he had to perform well against Bret Hart at the MSG as Vince McMahon would be watching that event.

"It's a very special building for me, I've always had great performances there,” Explained PCO. “Vince is always there watching the matches behind the curtain, or if it was a WrestleMania or something like that”.

PCO might be performing at the MSG again, under the G1 Supercard event. The event is being organized by ROH and NJPW. The event will be on 6th April and PCO has shown interest in being involved in it, even though he is around 50 now.