Well-known WWE wrestler: "Seth Rollins is one of the easiest people to work with"

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Well-known WWE wrestler: "Seth Rollins is one of the easiest people to work with"

One of the most multifaceted characters of the last years of WWE is undoubtedly Seth Rollins, former WWE world champion, who managed to conquer all the titles on offer in the WWE. In the last period though, Rollins has never won any belt with the McMahon-owned company, but he has nevertheless had huge feuds with very important characters of the company, such as Edge, Rey Mysterio, Kevin Owens and several other big names of the present and the past of the company.

company. Among the many who wanted to praise the great work done by Rollins, especially during his time as the holy man/WWE messiah and even before has been Lance Storm. The Canadian athlete who's currently retired from active pro-wrestling is a good friend of Chris Jericho and someone who has worked with WWE for years, both as an athlete and as a road agent and trainer.

Lance Storm praises Seth Rollins' tremendous skills

In his last speech in a question and answer session with fans, released to the microphones of the Wrestling Observer, the well-known Canadian wrestler also wanted to talk about the ease with which all the insiders are able to work easily with Rollins, saying in a juncture of his interview: "I could never say enough good things about Seth Rollins.

I've produced a lot of segments with Seth Rollins. A lot of times with Seth, it was me and Michael Hayes. It was the time when Seth Rollins was the hottest part of the show. You were taking the Seth Rollins segment and it was like, okay, let's do two backstage, then do an in-ring promo, then another promo before his match.

The guy did things like eight segments in one night. He was there to go on stage all day. He is the easiest person to work with. When you go to him and say 'Hey, we need to work on this', he just says, 'Okay', with all his energy. I really loved working with Seth Rollins."