Did WWE want to send a message to the roster with the firing of Nia Jax?

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Did WWE want to send a message to the roster with the firing of Nia Jax?

In the last few days, the umpteenth sacking of wrestlers that came about in the three main WWE rosters has caused a sensation. In the latest wave of layoffs, big names on the main roster were also included, such as Nia Jax, Keith Lee, Karrion Kross and their respective partners, with several athletes who seemed to be the future of the main roster and instead were fired after only a few weeks on the big stages of WWE.

One of the most surprising names, then, was that of the former world champion and Tag Team Champion, Nia Jax, who until a few weeks ago was fighting in a feud with Charlotte Flair and now she is no longer even part of the company, with the cousin girl of The Rock, who had asked the management for some time off-screen, to fix her mental problems, arrived in real life, that has been keeping her a lot down in the last period.

WWE seems to have made an example out of Nia Jax

According to the hypothesis of the well-known Dave Meltzer, during his latest Wrestling Observer Newsletter, WWE may have sent a message to all its athletes, firing Nia Jax at a very particular moment in her career.

As stated by Meltzer, in fact: "She did it (asking for time for a mental break) once. And it ended up costing her everything, you see this is the problem. They don't say no, but they however wanted to send a message.

Everyone saw it crystal clear as if they said, 'If you need off-screen time and you're on the main roster and you're a top star and you need this time out - ask us and we'll give it to you.' And they do.

What's the message here then? The message is, 'We will give you time, but when the cuts come and you are not on TV, you will be one of those names risking release.' So, people will no longer ask for free time. Essentially it's a very bad message, especially with Nia."