Mike Bennett sheds some light on some personal situations in WWE

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Mike Bennett sheds some light on some personal situations in WWE

Mike Bennett, better known as Mike Kanellis, Maria Kanellis' husband, was a guest on the It's My Wrestling podcast last week and obviously talked about WWE, which he does a lot. During the interview he talked about his battle against independence while working for the McMahons, mentioning the fact that Road Dogg, Billy Kidman and Goldust gave him a lot of support.

"When I have to acknowledge something, I recognize something in people like Road Dogg who come to me and check me out. I recognize something in guys like Billy Kidman who came to check on me or Goldust who came to talk to me.

The boys. (Those) Guys have always taken care of me. And that's when I say yes, WWE helped me. They did it. The guys from the company helped me and I will always say it, and people will try to manipulate my words all the time.

I am very grateful that I was not fired because I wanted to work for the company at the time. And so, the fact that they didn't fire me for being a drug addict meant a lot to me."

Mike Benett emphasises: Moral, not monetary support

Also during the interview, Mike made it clear that WWE in no way paid him for his rehabilitation, also because he never went there.

He preferred to use other methods to try to stay away from his addictions. In particular, of course, his wife Maria Kanellis remained by his side all the time, also helping him with somewhat restrictive but necessary measures for his health, such as taking away his keys, cell phone and wallet.

Fortunately, the man is now totally clean, healthy and goes on with his life regularly. Mike Bennett and his wife, Maria were released in April 2020 by WWE during the pandemic.