Eric Bichoff: "The release of Karrion Kross was emotionally devastating"

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Eric Bichoff: "The release of Karrion Kross was emotionally devastating"
Eric Bichoff: "The release of Karrion Kross was emotionally devastating" (Provided by Wrestling World)

WWE is still quite shaken from the latest releases over the course of last week, when the McMahons decided to fire several Superstars, including major names on the main roster and NXT, including Nia Jax, Karrion Kross and Keith Lee.

The very character WWE seemed to be able to rely on most recently on Monday Night Raw, former NXT Champion Karrion Kross, was the one fans were most curious to see the future of, given that he had been changed. already the gimmick and that for months there have been rumors that saw him return on-screen accompanied by his wife, who could have also become a full-time fighter for WWE.

All of this obviously never came, with WWE opting for immediate release, overnight and with several fans and insiders gaping at the news leaked on WWE's official website of the new ones. layoffs. Among the insiders who have been hurt most, there is also the former General Manager of Monday Night Raw, as well as former Executive Director of the blue show and WWE Hall of Famer of the Stamford-based company: Eric Bishoff.

In his latest interview on the 83 Weeks podcast, WWE's Hall of Famer said about Kross's defeat on the main roster.

Eric Bischoff says he is devastated by the firing of Karrion Kross

"Karrion Kross, what the hell ?! Getting so close and then pulling the carpet out from under his feet is something emotionally, really really devastating, because it took him so long to get to the big leagues that matter, but once again he gets pushed away and I think about that again.

which I always said before, that after the disappointment of being fired, all this is nothing more than an opportunity, my friend." According to Eric Bischoff, therefore, it would have been easier for other characters to deal with the WWE firing, rather than for Karrion Kross, who had just walked into the rings on Monday Night Raw, with the big boy he had.

smelled only briefly the smell of his dreams and instead, they broke in front of him, with the release coming out of the blue, in the middle of his push on the main roster.

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