WWE announces an unprecedented match for Roman Reigns

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WWE announces an unprecedented match for Roman Reigns

Roman Reigns is currently the main wrestler of not just Friday Night Smackdown but the entire WWE. The Tribal Chief has held the title for over a year, recently equaled the 434-day reign as WWE champion of CM Punk, and now has Brock Lesnar's most important statistic in his sights.

The current WWE Universal Champion is only 71 days away from breaking The Beast Incarnate's record to become the greatest of them all. Over the course of this nearly year and a half of victories, Roman Reigns has proven his worth by destroying smaller, medium or even legends of this business.

At Wrestlemania 37 he pinned Daniel Bryan and Edge at the same time, in a Triple Threat valid for the title, at the same time he beat a great champion like John Cena at SummerSlam and recently he beat in a high-level match and with the help of the Usos Brock Lesnar at Crown Jewel, the very one who holds the record that The Tribal Chief could steal from him.

The latest on Roman Reigns

In the last few episodes of Smackdown Roman Reigns and the Usos have been grappling with an unprecedented battle against the New Day, devoid of Big E, but composed of Xavier Woods and Kofi Kingston.

The first, who has always been a 'secondary' wrestler compared to his two partners, has just returned from the King of The Ring victory at Crown Jewel and is therefore ready for a real leap in quality. Xavier Woods and Roman Reigns will face off in the Main Event of the next episode of Friday Night Smackdown, a totally new match for both wrestlers and which involves a particular new opponent for the WWE Universal Champion.

It must be said that, while Xavier Woods will have a great and sensational opportunity, it seems unlikely that Roman Reigns will lose to Xavier Woods while instead, he should only continue his journey towards the record.

The WWE has however promoted the latest performances of Xavier Woods who step by step is undertaking a role as a Main Eventer within the blue roster.