Drew McIntyre surprises: I don't want to challenge Roman Reigns now

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Drew McIntyre surprises: I don't want to challenge Roman Reigns now

Almost every WWE follower had this thought on the day of the Draft, and although at the moment the roads are divided, it seems obvious among these WWE Universe fans that sooner or later there will be a titled feud between the Tribal Chief and Universal WWE Champion Roman Reigns and The Scottish Psychopath, Drew McIntyre.

At the moment the Tribal Chief is busy against the New Day and at the next Survivor Series, he will face WWE Champion Big E in a 'Champion vs Champion' match. The Survivor Series witnessed the last meeting between the two last year with Drew Raw champion McIntyre who was beaten and defeated by the supremacy of the current ruler of the McMahon family company.

Drew McIntyre on a possible match with Roman Reigns

Speaking to the microphones of Sky Sports, the former WWE Champion spoke of the possibility of undertaking a possible feud against the Head of the Table and made it clear, surprisingly, that he does not feel that this is the right time for this great match.

"Everyone keeps telling me that they want Drew and Roman against and that this is sure to happen. At the same time, I have my opinion on this and I am sure that in fact there will be this match but absolutely not at this moment.

He has a crazy momentum while I have to continue to collect victories, I consider myself a very patient person. It is important that I gain momentum before taking on it, I have been in the wrestling world for over 20 years and I know how it works.

He also knows what I am capable of and I want him to see me as I achieve this streak, then when the time is right and I have built up the momentum we will reunite. It will be a spectacular match and the audience will be able to watch two great superstars, but this will only happen when the time is right."

In fact, Roman Reigns is currently engaged in the race against Big E while the feud against Brock Lesnar may soon continue. So everything is postponed for the challenge but what is certain is that Roman Reigns vs Drew McIntyre will be there.