Eric Bischoff reacts to some of WWE's latest releases

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Eric Bischoff reacts to some of WWE's latest releases

In the latest 83 Weeks podcast, the former Stamford-based company executive, and a WWE Hall of Famer, Eric Bischoff talked about some WWE releases, most notably that of Ember Moon and Harry Smith. He stated: "Everyone would give her all the time she needed because they appreciated her both as a Superstar and as a person.

That's why when I saw his release, I was a little disappointed."

What's caused Eric Bischoff's disappointment

Then, Bischoff added, "Many things are happening that none of us is aware of from a strategic point of view or from a budget point of view, therefore purely economic.

Nobody will be able to say what the future of the federation is in the next three or five years. I also got to know Harry Smith a little and talked to him several times away from the company. He is a very nice, intelligent and charismatic person.

He seemed to have the right ingredients to break through, so I was very disappointed for him because I know how committed he has been in this industry. His release also really surprised and disappointed me. The others are mainly people with whom I have never had anything to do, so I don't know them both on a personal level, both for their skills and for their talent."

Earlier, Eric Bischoff had also remarked critically about the dismissal of Karrion Kross that occurred in the most recent purging by the company, in the first week of November. Bischoff's not the only one who's been stunned to see the wrestling federation carry out ousters in such a manner.

Since the pandemic, the WWE's chosen to do away with several of its wrestlers, including high-profile names, in a shocking and unexpected manner. Although there are other wrestling federations, including the AEW that's come to be considered as WWE's arch-rival federation in the short time that it's been around, it remains to be seen if every wrestler getting out of the WWE finds a suitable home to sell their wares in the near future.