Bray Wyatt has gone to Hollywood

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Bray Wyatt has gone to Hollywood

One of the names of the WWE released in recent months that has most shocked the WWE Universe, especially for the importance and caliber of this character, was that of Bray Wyatt, former WWE and Universal world champion, who in the last period had brought to the stage a character who became very famous all over the world, the Fiend, who had managed to jump to the top of the list of personalities who sold the most on the official WWE shop, thanks to the innovative nature of the character.

Although both the McMahon-owned company and the various networks that air the WWE programs had great faith in the future of on-screen Fiend, the relationship between the WWE and Bray Wyatt had been irremediably compromised for months, with the athlete who hasn't appeared on-screen in weeks, that is, since his last match against Wrestlemania's Randy Orton.

After months of absence, both before Wrestemania and after, WWE has decided to also cut Wyatt's name, to go to save several bucks from his salary, which now exceeded one million dollars a year, making him fall within the various cuts.

of budgets made by the federation.

Latest news on Bray Wyatt

In recent weeks we have seen Bray Wyatt appear in some photos with Jason Baker, creator of his mask together with the crew of Callosum Studios, creators of special effects for the cinema.

In his latest interview with, Baker wanted to reveal how Wyatt has been included in a new film project that will start shortly, saying: "He's a phenomenal collaborator, he's also become a great friend, and currently - you are the first people we say this to publicly - we are about to start a new movie at the end of the month.

We have had a few meetings here and there and different things are happening and the situation is moving. We will start recording our film with him towards the end of the month." Among the many things created by Callosum Studios, there are not only the Fiend mask, but also the crown that Triple H used in his entry of Wrestlemania 30 and several other objects.

used on-screen by WWE. With Wyatt getting set to film this feature film at the end of the month, this certainly throws a cloud of mystery over him returning to the world of professional wrestling anytime soon. With AEW Full Gear happening this weekend, plenty of fans are anticipating his arrival with All Elite Wrestling this Saturday night.

But this announcement would certainly throw a wrench into those plans...or does it? Perhaps this announcement was strategically made today to throw wrestling fans off the scent of Wyatt debuting with AEW at Full Gear.