Some fired Superstars had requested their release from WWE

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Some fired Superstars had requested their release from WWE
Some fired Superstars had requested their release from WWE

The WWE has started a new policy within the company for two years now, with which it no longer looks at anyone in the face. Despite the various characteristics of the characters or the on-screen importance that such athletes may have, if certain fighters become a burden to the company, both economically and creatively, these Superstars will be released, without too many words or deeds.

In the last period, in fact, numerous big names on the WWE roster have been released from morning to evening, despite having a considerable background with the company, such as titles won in the palmares, great storylines staged and five-star matches played on the rings of the McMahon family company.

The last big names released only in chronological order, are characters of the caliber of Braun Strowman, Bray Wyatt, Nia Jax and many others, all former world champions of the federation, who however were no longer the case for the company and who were thus released together.

to the other mid-carders that have now become unusable by the McMahons. Apparently, not only athletes who were inoperable by WWE would have been released recently, but several Superstars who had applied for their release would also fall within the cuts.

WWE also releases the discontented

In recent months, some Superstars had asked for the release by the WWE, with the Stamford-based federation not having agreed to the thing, until the last wave of layoffs, in which the names of these athletes were finally included.

As reported by the Wrestling Observer, through the words of Dave Meltzer, these names would be those of Zayda Ramier, Lince Dorado and Gran Metalik. To the microphones of his latest newsletter, Meltzer said: "Zayda Ramier, I think she gave up on her own, shouldn't she have done it? I think she was her choice, because she has never done anything since she arrived.

There were also a couple of boys, Lince Dorado and Gran Metalik who had asked for their release and I think she did the same. I'm not sure about her, but I'm sure about the other two. They didn't want to guarantee their release, but in the end they were part of the company's cuts." Sabu said Brock Lesnar was a solid worker and an ideal opponent for his final match.

"I'd definitely get back in the ring for Brock Lesnar; I'd love to wrestle him. Especially if it was my final match, I'd love to wrestle him… He's the best; he's a shooter, he's a good worker, he's my kind of opponent.

I like big guys; I like wrestling big guys. I don't like wrestling guys like me because it's not that interesting. It's more interesting wrestling a guy like me against a guy like Brock Lesnar," revealed Sabu.