WWE wanted to push Karrion Kross out

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WWE wanted to push Karrion Kross out

Two of the most shocking names in the latest wave of cuts made by WWE on its main roster, but also on that of NXT, also included Karrion Kross and his partner Scarlett. After winning two NXT Champion titles and having made his landing on the Monday Night Raw rings, complete with a change of ring attire and gimmick, the mammoth athlete of the McMahon federation was released, unable even to move his first important steps on the main roster square.

Initially, it seemed like there might be big plans for him on Raw, with the athlete supposed to be receiving the company of his on-screen manager, who disappeared months ago, from the last times she was spotted in the NXT rings again, when Karrion Kross was still champion.

According to reports from various wrestling-based news sites, a big push had to arrive for Kross that has always been postponed, until the WWE realized that the athlete and his partner were no longer right for him, firing them.

Karrion Kross on his WWE stint

According to what has been revealed in the last hours by the Wrestling Observer, through the words of the usual Dave Meltzer, the management of the Stamford-based company has been discussing the on-screen plans for Karrion Kross for some time, with his future that should have been among the great superstars of the federation.

In his latest newsletter, the well-known American journalist stated in fact: "Scarlett was scheduled for a big project with Kross, I don't know why they eventually trashed it. There had been arguments, as well as other things and eventually they separated them and saw that he was going like this and so, so they decided to bring her back on stage too, with Kross being pushed as a big star along with Scarlett.

- they talked about it for weeks with millions of opportunities and in the end nothing ever happened." After a wonderful ascent in the NXT rings, which lasted only a few months, for Karrion Kross there was nothing but nothing in the main roster rings, with WWE failing to exploit its potential to the fullest, even coming to an end to fire him.

Asked if he finds it easier to work with or without a loved one, Kross said he prefers to have Scarlett by his side. “Much easier, and I would have anticipated – and it’s not her, it’s more of a me thing – I would have anticipated it to be a lot more difficult.

I worked really sparingly [with Scarlett], tag situations on the independents, especially in Mexico, we had a lot of six-mans. It was a great way to showcase a lot of people all at once,” Kross said.