Lince Dorado teased after his release

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Lince Dorado teased after his release

The father of one of the best-known girls in the world of wrestling, Izzy, Bayley's die-hard little fan at NXT, tweeted a little cute about one of the releases of the latest wave of WWE releases. The man, named Cody Silagyi, is in fact receiving a lot of criticism from fans for writing: "@LuchadorLD Good luck in your future activities", all by attaching a beautiful smiling emoji at the end of the text, clearly to make fun of him.

Instead, Izzy's mother, Jenny Silagyi, even tweeted in Spanish: “@LuchadorLD I'm sorry to hear this news. I hope our paths can cross one day!" All this seems to be a reaction to a tweet from 2018 where Lince Dorado seems to have worried about little Izzy who suffered a chokeslam at a live event, when she was 12/13 years old, therefore very young.

Dorado had written: "I will not support him at all and I will stop here! As a parent and professional wrestler I feel absolutely embarrassed because of my actions of my" colleagues "! It is not ok! To all my friends who support the decision of a 12 year old getting chockeslam in a professional wrestling ring, that's your opinion.

However, I disagree and find it very disturbing."

Lince Dorado and Gran Metalik have been released

It was reported a few days ago that Izzy's parents have always been the protagonists of something quite shocking.

The two would have created a real army to whistle the poor MSK since Nash Carter had expressed himself exactly as Lince Dorado on the same thing that happened to the girl. "Some sources went so far as to say that NXT management asked parents and their sympathizers to switch seats prior to NXT Takeover: Stand and Deliver because they were filmed doing some anti-MSK chants.

NXT officials reportedly have heard from an audience member who appears to have overheard the conversation." Lince Dorado shared a heartwarming message today in which he thanked Charlotte Flair and Bayley who helped him through a tough time.

The wholesome tweet came before the news of his release was confirmed. The Lucha House Party high flyer sincerely thanked the two women who in his opinion saved his life back in 2014. Lince assisted in making wrestling gear that helped him support his family before he reached a status as a wrestler. The high-flying Latino superstars of the Lucha House Party had their best matches in their 205 live days.