Monday Night Raw: Kevin Owens' shocking turn heel


Monday Night Raw: Kevin Owens' shocking turn heel

The evening opens with the discussion in the locker room between the WWE BIG E CHAMPION and KEVIN OWENS, with the Alpha Unicorn not seeming to believe the Canadian's apologies and remaining wary. In the ring comes SETH (Total Blue) ROLLINS, who begins to make fun of Owens, calling him a liar and a cheat.

Moreover, he continues to add to the dose by remembering the events of seven days ago ... BUT KEVIN OWENS ARRIVES AND ATTACKS ROLLINS IMMEDIATELY!!! Towards the ending of the match, Rollins kicked the back of Owens’ head to send him onto the floor.

However, Rollins also stepped out to attack Owens. The two individuals brawled outside, near where Big E was seated. The champion avoided any point of contact. However, the referee continued his count, and eventually, Owens was counted out before he could get back in the ring.

What's next for Kevin Owens?

It just feels like with two major heel turns on WWE RAW, one just happened to dilute the other. And while Kevin Owens is a natural heel, there's something about Doudrop that just screams babyface.

She is just a very likable individual. In any case, these are important plot points from WWE RAW and they should play into the proceedings wonderfully in weeks to follow. Kudos to the creative team for trying to shake things up leading into Survivor Series.

KO is pissed off like a snake and sends Seth outside the ring and tries a POP-UP POWERBOMB ... BUT ROLLINS BREAKS FREE AND RUNS AWAY !!! After seeing a video of the last episode, in the backstage we see the RK-BRO COUPLE CHAMPIONS, with Orton who does not seem happy to team up with the Street Profits, while Riddle, as usual, seems to live in a parallel universe...

Earlier on Monday, Rollins tried to get under Owens’ skin. He mentioned that he knows ‘KO’ and he is not the face of the Monday Night Raw and doesn’t have what it takes to become one. However, as these verbal banters wouldn’t satisfy the ego of the two men, they had to resolve it inside the arena.

After the bell, both men showed immense strength and the ring presence to grab and attack their opponents. The brawl was not only limited inside the squared circle. It spilled out onto the floor near the announcer’s table.

Weighing over 260 pounds, Kevin Owens did not hesitate to deliver a classic ‘frog splash’ on Rollins, and in return, Rollins delivered his own splash from the top rope.

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