Raw: Seth Rollins continues to provoke his opponents

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Raw: Seth Rollins continues to provoke his opponents

The second part of RAW opens in the ring, where the MYSTERIOS arrive for the confrontation with ADAM PEARCE! The manager reiterates that in Team RAW there are all ex-champions except Dominik, who were tested on Monday against BOBBY LASHLEY and, if he wins, he can stay in the team!

-Dominik w Rey Mysterio Vs Bobby Lashley w MVP For Dominik they are pains from the very first seconds, with the All Mighty determined to forget the defeat of Crown Jewel. Bobby already performs the HURT LOCK, but postpones the closure almost out of pity for Rey.

Lashley, after having massacred the son of the San Diego elf, decides that the games are over and then ... SPEAR, HURT LOCK AND EVERYONE AT HOME!!! Seth Rollins said, “Who exactly is Kevin Owens? Is Kevin Owens the prizefighter, is he the hero? Is he the man who will do anything, put his body on the line and fight out in the ring? Or is Kevin Owens a snake? Is he a spineless coward? Is he a liar?” Further, Seth Rollins revealed he knows Owens for a very long time, and they came up together in the industry.

Rollins claimed as long as he knew Owens, he is sure that Owens will always stab you in the back whenever he gets a chance.

“Kevin is a snake. He is a coward, he is gutless, soulless, and he is a liar,” Rollins added.

Seth Rollins took their rivalry to a new height

The Alpha Academy have been trying to make recruits well before they joined the RAW roster last month. However, Chad Gable has been busy trying to convince WWE Champion Big E to join him.

In the post-match, Bobby Lashley's entry into the red team is made official, while poor Dominik is sent off the team! Backstage we see SETH ROLLINS talking to Owens' ALPHA ACADEMY (and that's it!), With OTIS and CHAD GABLE believing the words of the Monday Night Messiah, while the little guy reiterates that he is ready to defeat Big E!

-Big E Vs Chad Gable w Otis Excellent performance of Gable that puts the WWE champion in great difficulty, performing an imperious BELLY TO BELLY SUPLEX and touching the sensational success after the classic GERMAN SUPLEX ACCOMPANIED !!!

However, the great performance of the former American Alpha is ruined by a distraction and the Big E thinks well to close the dispute with the BIG ENDING !!! In the post-match, Big E comes face-to-face with Otis! But Gable was allowed to get a great deal of offense in, although he was never going to win the match. He came up short on RAW in an incredible effort, and Otis was late in trying to break up the pin.