Raw: Becky Lynch finds a new challenger

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Raw: Becky Lynch finds a new challenger
Raw: Becky Lynch finds a new challenger

Backstage we see THE WOMEN RAW TEAM composed of BIANCA BELAIR, QUEEN ZELINA, COUPLE CHAMPION RHEA RIPLEY, LIV MORGAN and CARMELLA! The five of them talk to ADAM PEARCE and SONYA DEVILLE and, after a short discussion, a Fatal-5-Way Match is established for tonight with the opportunity to face Becky Lynch up for grabs!

Shortly after, DOUDROP, THE OTHER COUPLE CHAMPION NIKKI CROSS and DANA BROOKE clamored to join the red team and yet another discussion started ... God help us! In the infirmary we find DOMINIK medicated, while REY MYSTERIO issues poison statements against Pearce, all under the selfie of the brilliant AUSTIN THEORY!

Becky Lynch was looking for a new challenger

Becky Lynch was looking for a new challenger for her Raw Women’s Championship. And she got one this week. But it was a familiar face from last week. Liv Morgan, who had interrupted Becky’s backstage interview last week, will now challenge ‘The Man‘ for the Raw Women’s Championship.

24/7 Championship: Reggie (c) Vs Drake Maverick Drake manages to pin Reggie almost immediately and wins the title ... BUT GET ROCKED BY AKIRA TOZAWA ... WHO GET ROCKED BY COREY GRAVES ... THIS LATEST GET ROCKED BY BRYRON SAXTON WHO BECOMES THE NEW CHAMPION ...

WHO GETS ROCKED AGAIN BY DRAKE MAVERICK ... AND THIS LATEST GETS AGAIN BACKED BY STRAPS ... THAT MY FATHER BUY AT THE MARKET! At the end of the steroid-free chaos, Reggie runs away with the belt! And on these bizarre events, the second part of the red show ends!

All five women looked ready and set for the Fatal 5-Way match to decide the #1 contender for the Raw Women’s Championship. Even before the match started, the situation got chaotic as Zelina Vega and Carmella attacked Bianca Belair while the E.S.

T of WWE was arguing with Becky Lynch. Soon after that, Liv Morgan and Rhea Ripley got involved in the brawl as we headed for the commercial break. Back from the break, the order had been restored, and the superstars got ready for the bell to ring.

Although all the superstars went after each other, it was Rhea Ripley and Bianca Belair who looked to be in control in the early stages. After taking out the other superstars, the two former NXT superstars went after each other.

The WWE RAW Women's Champion may just be the best announcer in all of sports entertainment. Did you catch how natural she was when she put all of the participants in the match over, except for Liv Morgan? Morgan would eventually go on to win the whole contest and will face Becky Lynch next.

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