Monday Night Raw: RK-Bro have their new opponents

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Monday Night Raw: RK-Bro have their new opponents
Monday Night Raw: RK-Bro have their new opponents

The third and final part of Monday Night RAW opens at the commentary table, where we witness the arrival of the FEMALE CHAMPION BECKY LYNCH, ready to discover her new challenger in the 5-a-side match! -Fatal-5-Way for the N ^ 1 contender for the RAW Women's Championship: Bianca Belair Vs Carmella Vs Liv Morgan Vs Queen Zelina Vs Rhea Ripley Bianca manages to perform a double Powerbomb on Liv and Zelina, while Carmella knocks out Rhea with a Superkick!

This week on RAW, we saw the Tag Team champions RK-Bro team up with The Street Profits to take on The Dirty Dawgs and AJ Styles and Omos. Randy Orton had a tense moment backstage when he said he didn't care about The Street Profits, only for the former champions to be right behind him.

RK-Bro teamed up with The Street Profits

From what it seems, WWE has moved on from AJ Styles and Omos challenging for the RAW Tag team Titles again. Given that The Dirty Dawgs have been racking up wins on RAW recently, they appear to be next in line for RK-Bro.

Ripley gets up and takes Belair ... RIPTIDE TO SIGN !!! 1 ... 2 ... ONLY 2 !!! Liv tries a move on Queen's Crown winner ... BUT WHITE COMES ... KOD ON ZELINA VEGA !!! Bianca is about to close ... BUT DOUDROP IS COMING !!! MASTODONTIC GIRL SENDS BELAIR AGAINST THE BOLLARD ...

FOLDING OF CARMELLA ON ZELINA ... 1 ... 2 ... ROLLUP BY LIV MORGAN ... 1 ... 2 ... 3 !!! LIV MORGAN BECOMES BECKY LYNCH'S FIRST CHALLENGE !!! Liv heads to the comment table and has a face-to-face with The Man, completely blown away by the blonde's victory!

And we got to the main event ... who will win between Owens and Rollins? Meanwhile, we see WWE CHAMPION BIG E sitting at the comment table and politely refusing AUSTIN THEORY's selfie! Initially, it was surprising to see someone with a gimmick like ‘The Viper’ have so much chemistry in the ring with someone like Matt Riddle.

Following tonight’s episode of Monday Night Raw, the tag team champions have debuted new entrance music, and it is surprisingly catchy. RK-Bro might have a new theme song, but it looks like they are entering old feuds once again.

On the latest episode of Monday Night Raw, RK-Bro was on commentary during The Street Profits vs. Dirty Dawgs. It seemed like RK-Bro would enter a new feud considering they beat Styles and Omos recently at The Crown Jewel in Saudi Arabia.

Raw Randy Orton

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