Monday Night Raw: Bianca Belair missed a huge chance

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Monday Night Raw: Bianca Belair missed a huge chance
Monday Night Raw: Bianca Belair missed a huge chance (Provided by Wrestling World)

Kevin Owens Vs Seth Rollins KO starts very well and immediately executes a beautiful CANNONBALL on the balustrade outside the ring! The two return to the ring and Seth sketches a reaction, but misses a Splash! After a Rolling Elbow on Monday Night Messiah, the two return to fight outside the square and come dangerously close to Big E!

The two stick to the comment table and try to get back into the ring in time ... BUT KEVIN OWENS CLASHES WITH BIG E!!! The ‘EST‘ Bianca Belair missed a chance for a championship shot at Monday Night RAW. Bianca Belair competed in a Fatal 5-way match against Team RAW members Queen Zelina, Carmella, Liv Morgan, and Rhea Ripley on a recent edition of RAW.

Bianca Belair missed a chance

Bianca Belair lost her RAW Women’s Championship match against Becky Lynch last week. Lynch snatched the victory in the last moments of the match, shattering Belair’s dreams once more.

SETH ROLLINS WINS FOR COUNT-OUT !!! The Canadian is incredulous, while Seth laughs ... BUT KO ATTACKS BIG E !!! The Prizefighter sends the champion against the steel steps and ... POP-UP POWERBOMB ON THE APRON !!! Today’s edition of RAW concludes with the images of angry Kevin Owens and WWE Champion Big E lying on the ground!

While this isn't the case every week, the RAW Women's division seemed to be the most active part of the show. There was controversy over the fact that the RAW Women's team was announced without any qualifiers. The only three women to protest this were Doudrop, Dana Brooke, and Nikki A.S.H.

Doudrop was the first to speak up to Sonya Deville, while Dana Brooke was furious, claiming that she had already paid her dues. Bianca Belair and Doudrop were at odds in a recent episode of RAW. When Belair was introduced to the fatal 5-way match, a heated debate erupted.

According to Doudrop, she believed that she, too, was worthy of a championship opportunity and that Belair had already missed an opportunity. This infuriated the other females in the locker area, leading them to compete for the spot.

Doudrop protested Bianca Belair in particular, getting the opportunity, as she felt the EST Of WWE had already squandered it the previous week. The tension poured on before the match as Doudrop confronted Belair. The thing is, she was right.

Bianca Belair is already in a position of being an over pushed babyface, but luckily WWE handed it well on RAW.

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