Xavier Woods reveals his plans at the end of his career

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Xavier Woods reveals his plans at the end of his career

After years spent 'in the dark' and always hiding behind his partners, Xavier Woods is finally playing an important role and for the first time he is recognized as the New Day wrestler with a central role. First Kofi Kingston, then Big E and then Kofi...

we saw this alternating in different situations with Xavier always having a supporting role. Finally, the WWE seems to have given a more important role to Woods who has been on a permanent basis, for a few weeks, at the top of Friday Night Smackdown.

He won the King of the Ring tournament in Crown Jewel's Pay Per View and recently waged a feud with the Usos and the Tribal Chief and WWE Universal Champion Roman Reigns. This Friday, in the next episode of Smackdown, Xavier Woods will face Roman Reigns in a match 1 vs 1 and has the chance, albeit very difficult, of definitive consecration.

Despite this, it is already fantastic for him to be in the upper echelons of the company.

Xavier Woods opens up on his future

Speaking during the Out of Character podcast, hosted by Ryan Satin, Xavier Woods talked about his future plans, even those that go beyond WWE.

Here are his statements: "I don't want to be just a wrestler, I never wanted to do just that. Understand me, wrestling is fantastic and I will love it until my last breath but I understand that at some point I will not be able to do it anymore.

My body goes towards the end in this job and at that point my Wrestling career is over. I think one thing you need to look at and think about is the next chapter in your life. "The New Day member then explained:" I feel I have been very lucky, our generation learned from the previous one and taught us things.

From knowledge we no longer make mistakes and we go through things differently." Xavier Woods also does more than wrestling, is earning a PhD in educational psychology and hosts a well-known YouTube channel. The wrestler has revealed that he would like to start again from there when his career ends.

Booker T has discussed Xavier Woods' run as King on WWE television and thinks that it is similar to The New Day gimmick, which he thinks is fine. In his Hall of Fame podcast, the two-time Hall of Famer stated in no uncertain terms, though, that Woods cannot top his reign as King in WWE.

"His gimmick is more... still somewhat New Day-ish. Is there anything wrong with that? I can't say there's anything wrong with that. What memories he leaves, it's going to be all on him. For him to go out there and be like me, that's not going to work. People are not going to buy that."