Chelsea Green comments on WWE releases

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Chelsea Green comments on WWE releases

In the latest podcast "Green With Envy", former WWE Superstar Chelsea Green commented on some releases from her old federation and also talked about how someone at NXT tried to stop her from going to the Ring of Honor.

On recent WWE releases, she said: "There were so many amazing NXT and main roster talents released last week. One of them was my friend Kira, who is also attending my bridal party. Kira, also known as Taya Valkyrie or Franky Money at NXT, is also the wife of John Morrison in WWE.

You are a tremendous talent. She had been waiting for this opportunity for years, or the chance to be signed by WWE. I won't go into her personal story, but I'm really disappointed. I think she didn't give her the opportunity to shine like she could.

I do not know what to say. I feel terrible for her. It is such a strange time. We are not out of the pandemic. We still have to deal with job losses and things like that but it's really a shame to keep seeing all of this."

Chelsea Green on WWE releases

WWE recently released Chelsea Green due to more budget cuts. Her release, and that of many others, came as a shock to the WWE Universe and the pro-wrestling industry. On the Ring of Honor hiatus: “We are still recording until December 11th, I believe there will be the last PPV, Final Battle.

I hope you tune into the PPV, December 11th, it's going to be great. Sure, it's going to be amazing as ever, but it's also going to be great because it's our last time seeing each other as a Ring of Honor family.

It will be really sad, but I really think we have the best dressing room ever and everyone will come together as a team to put on the best show. I am thrilled but also sad. It's unfortunate for everyone who lost their jobs at Ring of Honor.

I am also very anxious to see where everyone will go. I know I'll see a lot of them at Impact and NWA, probably some in AEW as well but we'll see." On the obstacles to going to ROH: "A little bird told me that when I debuted at Ring of Honor this summer, someone at the top of NXT there he called not to hire me.

When I was released from WWE, someone at the top of NXT called the company that was going to help me provide food for my family and myself, telling them not to hire me. It's absurd, they are mean people. I can't believe a company would fire someone and prevent them from finding work elsewhere. All this makes me really sad."