New details on Nia Jax's WWE release

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New details on Nia Jax's WWE release

In recent weeks, WWE has returned to substantially cut its rosters, carrying out some fairly important releases that have taken away from the federation's rings very famous characters, such as Nia Jax, Karrion Kross, Keith Lee, Ember Moon and many others.

Among the many, what certainly caused the most stir was the name of Nia Jax, former world champion of the Stamford-based company, as well as former tag team champion recently, paired with Shayna Baszler, with the two who had also started a feud as soon as Nia left WWE.

Unfortunately, the girl's absence from the ring of the company was due to the personal problems of the cousin of The Rock, who had requested the management of free time to fix mental problems, which instead in the end led directly to the release.

According to several insiders, Jax's firing was just a matter, because sooner or later the WWE management would do it anyway for one reason or another.

Backstage news on Nia Jax

According to some inside sources with whom the well-known Steve Carrier of Ringside News spoke, the Monday Night Raw fighter had attracted quite a lot of heat over the years backstage at WWE, with the girl who would then be fired sooner or later, after all.

damage caused to colleagues and workers. As reported literally by some internal sources: "We had no idea that Nia Jax needed mental health care. Either way, she should have been fired years ago." Unfortunately, this was a common thought within the federation at the time of the release of the former champion, who in the course of her long stint in WWE has caused several injuries to her colleagues or has come to quarrel with several important personalities of the ring.

such as Charlotte Flair, in one of the latest contests, in which we saw the two getting hair and slapping each other in the face, obviously not foreseen in the match script. Nia Jax is, of course, referring to the storyline that wrote her off WWE TV where Shayna Baszler broke her arm and ended their alliance together.

Shayna Baszler also hilariously responded, "Lina who?" indicating Jax changing her main name on Twitter to her real one. Nia Jax and Shayna Baszler won WWE Women's Tag Team Championships twice. They even successfully defended the titles on WrestleMania 37 Night 2.

Nia Jax was a superstar who was considered "untouchable" when it came to the releases. Her family connection to The Rock and Vince McMahon's reported admiration of her made it seem like she would have a job for life.