The Undertaker Comments on McCool Not Getting Recognition

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The Undertaker Comments on McCool Not Getting Recognition
The Undertaker Comments on McCool Not Getting Recognition

The Undertaker is a legendary former WWE wrestler, and he spoke about Michelle McCool not getting enough recognition. Michelle is The Undertaker’s wife. She is also a former WWE wrestler. Her career ended after she had to retire due to injuries.

The Undertaker Believes That Michelle Never Got the Recognition That She Deserved

According to the Undertaker, his wife is one of the most under-recognized former WWE superstars. The Undertaker spoke about it on The Dallas Morning News.

The Undertaker was with his wife at the NFL game between The Dallas Cowboys and Denver Broncos on the 7th of November. The Undertaker was there to honor the US military members. The Undertaker recalled how Michelle fought for the WWE female superstars that were present during her time.

He also revealed that Michelle never asked The Undertaker to go to Vince McMahon on her behalf for any kind of assistance. “You know what, I can get on a rant there. I think she’s probably one of the most under-recognized WWE superstars for what she did while she was there and the ground work she fought for, right, to where the women are now,” Taker said.

“The women are pretty much on the same level now as the men, they’ve headlined WrestleMania. She was one, when she was active with the WWE, was never satisfied with the role that the women were given. She fought. She went back and forth.

And to her credit, never asked me once, never asked me once will you go talk to Vince [McMahon] or will you do this. She always wanted to do it herself. “And I just wish people really understood how much she fought for the women and the opportunities to do the things the women are doing now.

… To her credit, she did get — there was a lot of love. Obviously, there wasn’t the big fanfare, but there was a lot of people [in the stadium] that recognized her and were very kind to her. That’s always well appreciated”.

According to many people, The Undertaker is one of the best characters in the history of professional wrestling. Unfortunately, The Undertaker retired during the pandemic era. He has accumulated multiple injuries during the course of his career, and couldn’t wrestle at the highest level anymore.

The Undertaker’s retirement shocked many fans who believed that The Undertaker could fight for a few more years. However, he stated during many interviews that he did not wish to wrestle as his body did not allow him to do the things that he could do when he was younger.

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