Bryan Danielson comments on WWE releases


Bryan Danielson comments on WWE releases

Former WWE Superstar now in AEW, Bryan Danielson, host of The MMA Hour with Ariel Helwani, commented on the WWE releases. On WWE releases, Danielson revealed: "In a way, I understand this but at the same time it feels unfair to me.

And it's hard because my father-in-law there (John Laurinaitis, Brie Bella's stepfather) manages relationships with the Superstars, so he's the one who has to call them all ... If you're under WWE contract and not happy, or whatever you have, they can fire you and give you 90 days.

So I think Superstars should also give 90 days to be released. I think it is right. But if they just fire you for financial problems, I don't think it's fair because a lot of other people have signed up. They realized they were like, 'Oh, AEW can't hire all these people.'

So now everyone who has a long contract or feels like they're overpaid, they're going to let them go. But you were the one who offered them a contract to be with you, three years or more. It's your fault if you paid too much for them."

Bryan Danielson opens up on WWE

Bryan Danielson also talked about WWE: "My opinion is that I wish they didn't, I wish they didn't fire all these athletes, but I also understand the reason why they do it.

Profits tend to always be the most important thing for companies. I really like it, Vince McMahon. I learned so much from him, but corporate decisions can hurt people." About AEW and its owner Tony Khan: "Tony I think he has only let three people go since the pandemic started and they were all for disciplinary reasons.

To other people who are no longer with the company, the contract has expired. Tony Khan, I'm glad he doesn't do all of this despite AEW making far less money than WWE. There are also things like this behind my decision to move to AEW." Based on WWE sources SRS has spoken to, it doesn't sound out of the realm of possibility.

Stating that since Bryan Danielson left on "very good terms," they believe the door is very much open for him to return to WWE in the future if that's what he wants to do. Right now, however, it seems he is having a great time in All Elite Wrestling as he will be competing in the finals of the AEW World Title Eliminator Tournament at Full Gear on November 13.

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