Did Roman Reigns 'injure' a huge superstar?

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Did Roman Reigns 'injure' a huge superstar?

During the last episode of Friday Night Smackdown, we witnessed the 'revenge' and the confirmation of the domination of Roman Reigns. The Tribal Chief and Universal WWE Champion is back after a week's absence as he took a 'well-deserved vacation' to win over Brock Lesnar in Crown Jewel's Pay Per View.

Upon his return, the Tribal Chief underlined how much the show sucked without him and then called his cousins, the Usos, protagonists in the previous week of a sensational defeat against New Day to order.

Backstage news on Roman Reigns

At the beginning of the episode of Smackdown, Roman Reigns accepted the challenge on behalf of his cousins ​​against the New Day, a rematch that saw King Xavier Woods protagonist against Jimmy Uso.

In the Main Event Xavier Woods pinned Jimmy Uso and at the end of the match he had to kneel under the opponent. Right here entered Roman Reigns who took his revenge by literally destroying the New Day. The whole Bloodline attacked Kofi Kingston and in the last few hours WWE announced that the wrestler has suffered an injury, precisely a sprain to the knee.

Because of this, Kofi would have to sit still for some time. Latest indications highlighted by the WWE Universe state that this injury is just a plot of a storyline. On the other hand, some ideas of the fans have not been shelved and that is, it is not excluded that the WWE has decided to keep Kofi Kingston out for a while only to give more prominence to Xavier Woods, who has always been the weak link of the New Day.

Next Friday Xavier Woods will face Roman Reigns in a big match and it seems increasingly likely that Kofi Kingston will not be present at the show with Roman Reigns who has 'injured' his partner and friend of his rival.

WWE Legend The Undertaker says he wishes Roman Reigns was the one who ended his WrestleMania streak. Speaking to The Dallas Morning News, The Deadman stated that Roman should've been the one to break his streak instead of Brock Lesnar: “I don’t know if Brock was the right guy.

I like Brock, me and Brock are friends. I don’t know that Brock needed that win. Brock was a bona fide superstar at that point. So, I don’t know that he needed it. Roman, definitely... that was the right call. I just wish he may have been first. If Roman would have been able to do it, I think it would have increased the value."