How much creative freedom did Bray Wyatt have in WWE?

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How much creative freedom did Bray Wyatt have in WWE?
How much creative freedom did Bray Wyatt have in WWE?

The character who has certainly had the most success in the WWE rings before being fired from the company in recent months is Bray Wyatt, creator of the demonic Fiend of the WWE, who in recent years had kept millions of fans glued to TVs around the world.

of the WWE Universe, for its captivating actions. After winning a Universal title, then snatched from the hands of the Fiend by the returning Roman Reigns, for Bray Wyatt there had been a great feud with Randy Orton, who ended up ending Wyatt's career with the WWE, given the recent absences to which Wyatt had let himself go in the last period, to fix some psychological problems that had gripped him for some time.

Unfortunately for him, however, the WWE preferred to do without his very expensive engagement, given the continuous absences, with the character much loved by television stations, by his executives and by all the fans of the WWE Universe in the world, who however was taken away with him.

Bray Wyatt was released by WWE on July 31

In his latest interview, Jason Baker, builder and special effects artist dedicated to Bray Wyatt (and not only), including his mask or that of Triple H from Wrestlemania 30, wanted to tell some background of Wyatt's relationship with the management of the WWE.

With the words of him to the microphones of Gimme A Hull Yeah, the podcast, Baker said: "The WWE gave Bray and me a lot of creative freedom, but at the same time, they still had to approve everything before putting it on stage.

There were some changes and little tweaks that were sometimes made. At the end of the game, the one who detaches the check is always the one who has the final say on the matter. If we were working for WWE, making masks for them, safety came first.

The big and important thing to do is make sure it's comfortable, durable and that the athletes can see through it very clearly." Bray Wyatt was released by WWE on July 31 earlier this year and has the standard 90-day non-compete clause.

However, there is speculation that Wyatt could debut for AEW next week before it ends. As reported by Cageside Seats, Bray Wyatt could show up on the upcoming show of AEW, which will take place in Rochester, New York. It's the hometown of Wyatt's friend and former AEW star, the late Brodie Lee.

"Despite it not being 90 days since his WWE release, there is a lot of speculation that Bray Wyatt will debut for AEW next week in Rochester, New York, which is Brodie Lee’s hometown."

Bray Wyatt Aew

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