WWE Hall of Famer defends Charlotte Flair

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WWE Hall of Famer defends Charlotte Flair

Charlotte Flair was recently the victim of journalists, who did not have even the slightest remorse in saying anything negative about the wrestler, starting to spark a controversy that led, those who were already her haters, to still hate her.

more. It has been said of her that she is no longer the same, that she has isolated herself backstage, that all her colleagues hate her and do not want to work with her in and out of the ring, that she feels so powerful that she complains about any creative decision on the character.

her. All this seems to have led to her arguing with Becky Lynch backstage a few weeks ago. But is there any truth to this? Exploring this topic, someone who is inside this business, chose to take his stance, explaining things from a different point of view.

What's next for Charlotte Flair?

Interviewed by Busted Open Radio, Bully Ray, WWE Hall of Famer wanted to comment on some reports, specifically those on Charlotte Flair who defined her as a person "with whom it is not easy to work." These are his words: "Difficult to work with comes down to knowing your worth.

The wrestling business has morphed into this weird, quirky yes-man, yes-woman territory. If you don’t just say ‘Yes’ to everything, if you stand your ground and fight for what you believe in, you’re deemed difficult.

By that definition, don’t you think The Undertaker, or Stone Cold Steve Austin, or The Rock were difficult to work with? Is that truly difficult? No, it’s just somebody believing in their convictions the way their character has been portrayed.

It’s not always, ‘Well this is what the office wants, you have to do it this way.’ There’s talking, there’s negotiating, there’s working it out. So, when I hear the term ‘difficult,’ I really try to put it under a microscope and find out, how is this person so difficult to work with? You mentioned Charlotte Flair.

Charlotte is top of the food chain." This saga of Flair bashing began when PWTorch reported that an unnamed superstar approached them and revealed that Charlotte Flair has been "increasingly difficult to work with," and that no woman on the roster wanted to work with the record-breaking women's champion.

Becky Lynch, who was on the other end of the confrontation in October, was reportedly lauded as a "hero" backstage and is well-liked by the rest of the roster.