Keith Lee responds to a fan on social media

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Keith Lee responds to a fan on social media

One of the names that probably left the WWE in the last wave of releases with the most regret is that of Keith Lee, former North American champion of NXT, as well as the absolute champion of the yellow brand, who had then moved on to the rings of the main roster, but then he was absent for several months, due to various health problems that came to light due to the covid that had hit him at the beginning of the year.

After managing to heal from a fairly compromised physical situation, Keith Lee was back ready for great storylines and great matches, with WWE not exploiting him properly, relegating him to the Monday Night Raw mid-card and eventually firing him.

in the trunk with his partner Mia Yim, who also disappeared in recent months from the rings of the Stamford-based federation.

Keith Lee joined WWE in May 2018

In the aftermath of his shocking WWE release, Keith Lee has revealed that he didn't come up with the 'Bearcat' gimmick idea.

Several fans of the WWE Universe, in the last period, would be literally shooting zero at the McMahon-owned wrestling federation, both because of the paths that certain storylines of the federation are taking, and for all the releases made by the company, with numerous big names that in fact are missing.

the appeal for months now and that fans have been following assiduously for years. After his release, Keith Lee also received a lot of online support, with a fan tweeting about him in the last few hours: "I am really furious with your ex-company that I will never watch or go to any events again.

What is the best way that your fans have to be able to help and support you to keep you 'without limits'?" To this sentence, Keith Lee wanted to answer: "For the moment, I think patience is the key. Time is a friend now. And I intend to stock it up as much as possible now.

I feel your support right now. In the not too distant future, I'm sure something will come about. In due course, well, time will tell, I guess." Keith Lee joined WWE in May 2018 after spending several years on the independent circuit.

The talented wrestler gradually rose to become one of NXT's most established stars and etched his name in the history books as the brand's first-ever double champion. After a successful spell in NXT, Lee was called up to RAW following last year's SummerSlam. There was a lot of hype surrounding his main roster run.