Ruby Soho opens up on her WWE release

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Ruby Soho opens up on her WWE release

AEW Superstar Ruby Soho, who appeared on Women's Wrestling Talk, spoke about her relationship with Ronda Rousey and her best friend Sarah Rowe. About Bryan Danielson and Adam Cole, she reveals: "I didn't know them. I didn't know much about what was going on when I first joined AEW.

I didn't know Adam was going to be there or even that Bryan was coming. I didn't know anything about it. all of this. I was very nervous and super excited to see some old friends of mine. I was happy to start in this new federation." On Sarah Rowe, one of her best friends, she instead said: "Sarah and I have shared every moment of our career.

I have known her for over ten years now. She is my best friend. She came to All Out to make me. a surprise, I was already an emotional mess that day. When I saw her and Cash there, I cried like a baby. She is one of those people who I think is incredibly talented and is the most motivated woman I have ever met.

When will she have something in her head, she will. She's very determined. I'd like Sarah to always be my tag team partner."

Ruby Soho has detailed her release from WWE

On her relationship with Ronda Rousey, Ruby Soho added: "She sent me pictures of the baby the other day and she's absolutely beautiful.

She's a baby but she's already stronger than me, based on who her parents are. With Ronda, we keep in touch. She's an amazing person. And it was a lot of fun working with her. Her passion was super contagious. She took me to a new level in wrestling.

She made me think about wrestling in a different way. than before. It was great to be able to work with her." On a possible intergender match: "My favorite opponent for an intergender match could be Josh Alexander. He is really good.

A match against him, I would face him in a completely different way from the usual matches". The former leader of The Riott Squad revealed that her release from WWE came as a shock. Ruby Soho mentioned that she felt very sad at that moment.

She was particularly upset about not being able to share the locker room with WWE's female Superstars, who had become like sisters to her. "As I said, everything from the moment I had gotten released, I really, genuinely kind of felt like a sense of panic," said Soho.

"I just had so many questions that went through my head and I was like, 'I don't know. Because it came to me as a shock, like I didn't know, I had no like, feeling or anything like that and I was very sad. I loved the girls I shared the locker room with, like those women became like sisters to me. So it was just like, 'I'm not going back to work.' "