Eric Bischoff comments on NXT 2.0

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Eric Bischoff comments on NXT 2.0

WWE Hall Of Famer Eric Bischoff voiced his views on NXT 2.0 during the Generation of Wrestling podcast. On WWE in general he said, "WWE makes TV productions better than anyone on this planet. Kevin Dunn is the Rembrandt of TV production and that's a fantastic thing in many ways.

The show I think is overproduced to the point where it feels like you're watching a movie and you lose a connection. You no longer feel like you are sitting there watching a live show. You feel like you are sitting in a movie theater watching a movie about wrestling and it changes the way you relate to it.

It is the difference between listening to a live concert or at home on television. When you are there, you have a different feeling than when you are sitting at home. My idea, at least in my opinion, is to produce a show that allows the person sitting in the house on the sofa, eating a piece of pizza and drinking a beer, to feel like he's in the arena.

That should be the goal of WWE."

Eric Bischoff on NXT 2.0

About NXT 2.0, Eric Bischoff put it this way: "I think NXT 2.0 is going through an identity crisis. It can't be a good show without it having its own identity. It can't be WWE not having a show with an identity.

. It has to be a completely different product than RAW and SmackDown. What I see today is a tendency to lean on RAW and SmackDown. If I'm right, but I might as well be wrong, I hope for them, I think audiences will drift even further away.

from NXT because they would like to see something different. They don't want to see a stripped-down version of RAW or SmackDown. They want something unique." On the difference with AEW, Eric Bischoff concluded: "WWE is creating a global product, AEW is creating a national product.

Because of this, WWE entertainment seems a little sterile. AEW, on the other hand, works better and they like it better because it's not trying to compete internationally like WWE." Is it time to 'Bolieve' that Bo Dallas will someday return to WWE NXT? It's likely.

The former NXT Champion graced the brand with some fantastic moments during its early inception and got himself a spot on the main roster. He would be a welcome addition to a roster undergoing a makeover. After being absent for some time, what a moment it would be if Bo was to return and make a shocking return on NXT.