There could be a controversial finish at Survivor Series

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There could be a controversial finish at Survivor Series

On the October 22 episode of Friday Night Smackdown, we saw the effects of WWE's annual Draft become official, with the respective category champions of the two rosters, namely Charlotte Flair and Becky Lynch, who saw each other face to face to exchange their respective titles, one having been drafted on Monday Night Raw and the other on Friday Night Smackdown.

At that juncture, however, the two had some on-screen sparks, with Charlotte Flair throwing her title to the ground, in order not to pass it into the hands of her counterpart, with the relationship between the two being so understood it is no longer what it was a few years ago.

After seeing this angle, numerous rumors have emerged online regarding the relationship between Becky and Charlotte, which would have already cracked several months ago, when the two were in feud, with some comments unsuccessful from the Lynch promos that would have infuriated the Queen from WWE, who hasn't wanted to hear about her ex-friend ever since.

Charlotte Flair will lock horns with Becky Lynch at Survivor Series 2021. According to a recent report, the two champions may be involved in a controversial finish at Survivor Series 2021. This is following rumors about real-life heat between the two champions.

Latest update on the Survivor Series

According to what Bryan Alvarez reported to the microphones of one of the latest Wrestling Observer Newsletters, WWE would be seizing the ball with this situation, trying to pass the real heat between and two, for a fake heat due to the storyline.

According to the well-known fellow journalist of Dave Meltzer, in fact: "What should I say? I have already told you, that they are trying to convince you that everything is only the result of a storyline and therefore they want to convince you that it was all planned.

Now we also had this interview where Becky came up with everything, but the reality is that there are a lot of problems between the two and the whole thing will also be used to play on the storylines on TV, but it is quite clear how they are using it also for build their match for Survivor Series, which will likely have a controversial ending so as not to bother either of them." Last month, the SmackDown Women's Champion and Becky Lynch were involved in an awkward segment on WWE SmackDown that was supposed to feature a title exchange.

Soon after the show, there were reports of a heated backstage altercation between the two superstars. Many believe that Charlotte purposely tried to undermine the RAW Women's Champion.