Lio Rush recalls his experience in WWE

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Lio Rush recalls his experience in WWE

Former WWE Superstar now in AEW, Lio Rush, in a recent episode of Gettin 'Better with Ron Funches, talked about his adventure with the Stamford federation and his goals in the world of wrestling. During the interview, Nick Hausman asked Rush about his WWE release and whether it surprised him.

Rush said that he was surprised that he was let go during the pandemic but he wasn't really shocked with the decision made by WWE: "During the pandemic...yes, it surprised me. Am I surprised that they released me? I don't think I am."

Lio Rush on his WWE experience

On his goals with wrestling, Lio Rush said: "I already feel accomplished in the short amount of time I have been in the world of wrestling.

I see that my name is already a household name. There are people who know me from an accident that happened or know me. because I'm a fan of me and it's really cool. If you talk to any Lio Rush fan, most likely, that person will know who he is, and I think he also says he's pretty good.

I think it's great to have been able to do all of that in So little time". On his WWE experience: "Being in WWE at such a young age was fantastic. I climbed the hierarchy quickly, from NXT to 205 Live, to Monday Night RAW. Getting there and signing for them was my dream as a kid, but not.

I think people would say their dream is to be a manager. I would have liked to fight a little bit more. I'm young and I can improve a lot. I work a lot on my body. In WWE, it was hard to work, I couldn't be me myself and to understand certain dynamics.

For various reasons, I was not feeling well with myself and after my injury, I had also thought about retiring. All my time in WWE is a surreal memory." On rumors during his time in the federation: "I can't help but be myself.

I think I've spent many years not being myself. It was so easy to play the character on television that I think a lot of people believed it. There have been a lot of rumors about me but there is not a real one. I am always a cautious type.

I remember one of these rumors, that I was causing several problems backstage. According to this rumors I was arguing with Finn Bálor and others. I have thought it was crazy to just think of such a thing because I'm one of the quietest people in this world."