Which WWE superstars earn the most?

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Which WWE superstars earn the most?

In the last two years, WWE has made a series of sensational releases in several months that have surprised the WWE Universe, in some cases high-level superstars and former champions who said goodbye to the company of Vince McMahon.

It was found that WWE's earnings are up sharply and despite the pandemic and shows not open to the public, the company has managed to be profitable. It has been investigated in these hours what the earnings of WWE superstars are and the well-known colleague Dave Meltzer has stated that Vince McMahon thinks that the superstars of the company are overpaid.

However, Meltzer pointed out that WWE pays only 8% of its revenue as costs for superstars.

WWE is in crisis

In the course of the latest episode of Wrestling Observer Radio Dave Meltzer stated that in reality everyone in WWE is underpaid and the only superstars who really earn a lot are Brock Lesnar and Roman Reigns, the two current biggest superstars in the entire company.

Here are the interesting statements of him: "Every WWE wrestler is underpaid, just think that only 8% of the company's income is destined for wrestlers and that only Roman Reigns and Brock Lesnar earn five million dollars a year.

Only a few other superstars perceive three while many earn much less." The WWE has formalized several releases but in reality, these do not depend on economic problems. The WWE has had a 15% increase compared to last year's revenue and has earned a whopping 255.8% million in the last third half of the year.

The thing that surprised the insiders is that this news came just hours before a major series of releases carried out by WWE. WWE has always been a budget-conscious and risk-avoiding company but releases have been much more than a budget decision and depended on situations such as age, vaccination issues or other dynamics.

Dave Meltzer of the Wrestling Observer Newsletter has revealed that Brock Lesnar will have to make his return to WWE in December due to pressure from FOX executives: ''Lesnar will be returning on the 12/10 Smackdown in Los Angeles.

The idea is he’s going to buy a ringside ticket. This show is a major one because they are running the show in that city largely for FOX executives to get a major FOX show in FOX’s home base. Lesnar is obviously one of the key people they are interested in, and it’ll likely be the start to build Lesnar for the Rumble show,'' said Meltzer.