WWE still does not foresee any Hall of Fame for next year

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WWE still does not foresee any Hall of Fame for next year

The week that pro-wrestling fans surely love the most in the world is the so-called Wrestlemania Week, or the week preceding the most important PPV in the entire history of the discipline, broadcast by the McMahon-owned company: the WWE.

In this time frame, WWE used to hold several big events, such as of course the television tapings of the last weekly shows before the ppv, the Hall of Fame ceremony, the Axxess where WWE Universe fans can meet Superstars and Legends of the company, the NXT TakeOver and many other events and parties organized by the number one company in the world.

After the outbreak of the world pandemic, however, WWE had to move or cancel all these events, with the Hall of Fame ceremony held this year, delayed, after a year of hiatus due to the covid, with the two classes of 2020 and 2021 who entered the Ark of Glory together.

Apparently, however, also next year, 2022, may not have any big events in Wrestlemania Week, with the one and only Showcase of the Immortals, which would thus be the only big show of the Stamford federation for the week longer.

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Will there be the WWE Hall of Fame in 2022?

In the latest Wrestling Observer newsletter, Dave Meltzer analyzed the appointments currently being written down for WWE Wrestlemania Week for next year, with the well-known journalist stating: "Regarding Wrestlemania Week, the company has announced the entire lineup.

The key points are that there is no NXT TakeOver or any NXT event at the scheduled time, much less the Hall of Fame ceremony announced at this point, although it could be added later for Thursday. We are told by WWE that there will be activities held in the Dallas area from Wednesday through Monday.

WWE has talked about making arrangements to do Raw at a smaller arena in town, which appears to be the American Airlines Center, their usual used arena, for both Smackdown on April 4 and Raw on April 4. Wrestlemania AXEESS will be held at the Bailey Hutchison Convention Center." Speaking in a Wrestlefest Asia Virtual Meet and Greet, Gunn explained that McMahon prefers the inductees to be the center of attention instead of him: “Vince hates it any time you do a Hall of Fame speech or something, he loathes people talking about him.

He looks at it more like it’s their moment, it’s your moment, it’s your Hall of Fame moment. ‘You do what you want, you don’t have to thank me.’ He gives you the opportunity and you do with it what you want, you know what I mean? So it’s really all on you,” he said.