Corey Graves may be considering a return to the wrestling rings

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Corey Graves may be considering a return to the wrestling rings
Corey Graves may be considering a return to the wrestling rings

In recent years, several WWE athletes have had to retire due to insurmountable physical problems, which unfortunately ended their careers overnight. In different situations and different contexts, in fact, we have seen talents of the caliber of Paige, Tyson Kidd, Daniel Bryan and Edge (who, later back returned to action) and even Corey Graves retire.

All these athletes, who for one problem or who for another, from one day to the next found themselves without their beloved discipline to be able to carry on actively, with only very few of them who after years of therapies, studies and exams, they managed to get back to fighting in the WWE rings.

If Bryan Danielson and Edge are currently pursuing one of their best parts of their respective careers, as far as the other characters are concerned, it is still unknown what the future holds, especially for the former NXT fighter, now one of the WWE's Best Ringside Commentators: Corey Graves.

Backstage news on Corey Graves

In the last episode of Monday Night Raw, we saw a succession of new 24/7 champions from the company that hadn't been seen in a long time, with Corey Graves, commentator on the red show, who was one of the many characters who came to tighten the belt for a few seconds before losing her in another flash mini-match.

All this must have left the ex-wrestler stopped due to concussions a few years ago, because, in his latest post on social media, Graves wrote: "I want to fight again". Apparently, these would not be the first statements of this kind by the former NXT wrestler, with Graves who in one of his latest episodes of After The Bell, a program of the company he is running, said he wanted to return.

in the ring after seeing the "Edge's tale", back to fight in the company's ring almost ten years after the last time, after an injury that seemed to have ended his career. After seeing the wonderful happy endings of Bryan and Edge, it could therefore come a nice happy ending for him too, with the WWE which should however agree to have him back in the ring and thus do without one of its best commentators, also taking the risk of having serious problems if the athlete's brain situation worsens further.

Before moving into an announcing role -- first on NXT and then moving up to stints on both RAW and SmackDown -- Corey Graves began his career with WWE as a performer. First joining the company as part of WWE's developmental territory, Florida Championship Wrestling (FCW), Graves was a part of the revamped NXT when it launched. He was even a playable wrestler in the WWE 2K15 video game.

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