Rob Van Dam has serious memory problems

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Rob Van Dam has serious memory problems

Rob Van Dam is undoubtedly one of the most famous wrestlers in WWE history, thanks in part to his magnetic personality and his activities outside the ring. Despite his enormous success in this business, it's no mystery that RVD has had to deal with the negative effects of such a long career full of dangerous sequences.

The former ECW World Champion has spent several years in WWE and TNA/IMPACT Wrestling. His last stint ran out in September last year. All of this shows how long Van Dam has been in the professional wrestling industry. A documentary focusing on Rob will be broadcast tonight by broadcaster Reelz.

Dave Meltzer, a well-known correspondent for the Wrestling Observer, revealed that the documentary was originally intended to be about RVD's career as a stand-up comedian. The scenario has changed during construction.

Latest update on Rob Van Dam

"The intention was to make a documentary about Rob Van Dam’s early career as a stand-up comedian.

During the preparation of the documentary, it became clear that RVD's memory was completely out of the picture, ”said Meltzer. ECW's hardcore style had an impact on Rob's health condition. “They told me that when he was working on IMPACT Wrestling, he had a huge effort remembering the various commercials of his matches.

From a documentary relating to Van Dam's career as a stand-up comedian, we have therefore moved on to a documentary about the loss of his memory due to all the concussions suffered during his career” - continued Dave.

Recently, RVD hasn't closed the door on his possible return to WWE (much to the delight of fans). “There has been no real contact with WWE on this issue. If my return were to be a convenient solution for both parties, then the possibility of this always remains open.

I feel fit and can still be in the ring at a high level, even if many are skeptical about it." On Grilling JR, Jim Ross recently spoke about Paul Heyman being a huge fan of Mr. Monday Night and how he was still in great shape.

Leading from this, JR said that Rob Van Dam would be a good title challenger in AEW, perhaps alluding to the open challenges for the TNT Championship. "Paul [Heyman] has always been a big fan of RVD and a lot of us became such.

I talked to Rob over here in New York City a while back during the New York City Comic-Con, he still looks like he could wrestle to me, he could help somebody, you know, he would be an interesting candidate if everything was laid out.

We used to have those title challengers in AEW, he would be a good selection I think. Am I looking at it right or wrong? He looked good, physically looks great," Jim Ross said.