The Rock thanks a huge WWE superstar

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The Rock thanks a huge WWE superstar

WWE has long been working to celebrate as soon as possible and in the best possible way the 25 years of presence within the company of a legend and a man who made WWE history as The Rock. Loved by the WWE Universe and much appreciated by his colleagues, the wrestler is focusing almost exclusively on his acting career.

The roster is doing its best to honor The Great One and there has long been talk of a possible return for a match against the WWE's Tribal Chief Roman Reigns.

The Rock's message to Damian Priest

US champion on Monday Night Raw Damien Priest posted a photo on Twitter disguised as The Rock while in Madison Square Garden.

With him and also transvestites were two other young and promising superstars like Matt Riddle and Rhea Ripley. The three posed in a celebratory service to pay homage to the 25 years in the company of the legend and the amazed The Rock appreciated.

On Twitter, The Rock complimented the three and said they were undoubtedly better off than when he was in the ring. In the course of a recent interview, The Rock spoke thus about the possible return to WWE. Here are his statements: "Return to WWE? Maybe in the future, come on we'll see.

Maybe there could be another race along my way, but it should make sense. Only then could I return." Recently The Rock has released interesting statements regarding the world of women's wrestling and in particular for her daughter who has been training at the Performance Center for some time now.

Here are her statements: "She is now in wrestling, but at the same time she is also a full-time student. WWE has a great training facility, NXT, she is on the inside and loves the world of wrestling, they are very proud of her and of everything she is doing." During an appearance on the Present Company podcast, The Rock discussed a variety of topics.

In one highlight, the former world champion had nothing but praise for WWE's women's division. He stated that it's "spectacular," and he's glad to see all these performers doing great things. "What’s great about this is where we are today and the impact that women’s wrestling has had on that industry today is really spectacular compared to 20 years ago," The Rock said. "Things were a lot different 20 years ago and even before that."