Smackdown: Charlotte Flair records an exciting promo

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Smackdown: Charlotte Flair records an exciting promo

The episode opens with the women of Team SmackDown for the Survivor Series and Sonya Deville, in the ring, who introduces them and then introduces the captain: IT'S BOSS TIME, with Sasha Banks who as soon as she gets into the ring looks for a fight with Shotzi, but they come interrupted by Naomi, who in turn tries to fight with Sonya, but then they all start fighting (the Survivor Series will be great, it's been said).

Charlotte Flair came out on SmackDown to promote her Champion vs. Champion match against Becky Lynch at Survivor Series. When she was walking to the ring, Pat McAfee made an interesting comment. He said that the last time that Flair and Lynch met, it made the headlines all over the internet.

Charlotte Flair has great ambitions

It was interesting that WWE chose to indirectly acknowledge what happened backstage - something they usually don't do. Either way, Charlotte Flair's promo went into slightly cringe territory as she tried to make the crowd go "Uh Oh!".

Match 3 vs 3: Sasha Banks, Naomi & Aliyah vs Shayna Baszler, Natalya and Shotzi The match is an excellent match with quick and well-linked exchanges, but the best thing is the reaction of the audience and Aliyah who wins her first match on the main roster after seven years in WWE.

‘The Queen’ and ‘The Man’ are the current SmackDown and Raw Women’s Champion. Therefore, the duo will face each other at Survivor Series 2021. Considering the history Becky Lynch and Charlotte Flair share, it’s going to be quite the build-up till Survivor Series 2021.

Now, this is only the case if they remain champions until Survivor Series comes around. Considering it’s Lynch vs Flair at Survivor Series 2021, there can only be one winner. Whoever wins will finally be the best Superstar on the women’s roster.

She challenged Flair to put the title on the line, but the champion simply refused and walked away. It's surprising to see Storm enter potential title contention, even if she isn't going to win. It makes just about as much sense as Liv Morgan challenging for the RAW Women's title after losing back-to-back matches against Carmella.

With that said, we're not complaining. Toni Storm is in a great spot, even if she isn't going to win. Finally, the question remains – will the champions agree to put their belts on the line in a winner takes all match?