Smackdown: Sonya Deville becomes more and more prominent as a leader


Smackdown: Sonya Deville becomes more and more prominent as a leader

Tag Team Match: Shinsuke Nakamura & Rick Boogs vs Los Lotharios The start of the match is mainly dominated by Boogs, before Garza can put him in trouble, but Nakamura comes in to make things right. After a bit of a mess outside the ring, the two Mexicans bring the intercontinental champion into the ring and after a couple of moves, they pin him.

Backstage, we see Sonya Deville and Adam Pearce talking together pointing to a document and their words show that they are deciding something for one of the teams for the Survivor Series. This week's edition of SmackDown opened with authority figure Sonya Deville in the ring alongside four of the five women in the Survivor Series team - Shayna Baszler, Natalya, Shotzi, and newcomer Aliyah.

Sonya Deville leads the group

However, it was only moments later backstage when Sonya Deville sucked all the joy away from Natalya. First, she asked her how long she knew Naomi, and second, she removed Aliyah from the SmackDown Survivor Series team upon getting "advised" to do so by an unknown person.

Next to them is one of the new faces of NXT, Von Wagner. Soon after, Sami Zayn approaches and asks to kick Jeff out of the team, but Adam offers him a match tonight: whoever loses between him and one of the Hardy brothers is out of the team.

Sonya Deville made her shocking return to WWE on this Friday on SmackDown. She did not come out to the ring or cut a promo, but was shown walking backstage as other stars from the SmackDown roster looked with surprise. Michael Cole confirmed on commentary that WWE reinstated Sonya to SmackDown.

Backing her return, she posted a picture of her in a dapper suit with the caption, ‘Daddy’s Home.’ Sonya Deville got into a very personal feud with former tag team partner Mandy Rose. She brought her A-game to the table in this feud and shined bright like a diamond.

There were no fans in attendance, but Sonya’s impeccable heelwork took this feud to another level. Her feud with Rose was probably the best storyline in the women’s division that was not for the title. In reality, Sonya Deville took time off to audition for a few Hollywood roles.

Plus, she was also a victim of stalking violence when a man broke into her house in August, days before SummerSlam. The stipulation worked perfectly in favor of Sonya.

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