Smackdown: Los Lotharios had a big match

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Smackdown: Los Lotharios had a big match

Entering is the SmackDown champion, Charlotte Flair, who stands in the center of the ring with the microphone in her hand and immediately leaves Becky Lynch who will be her opponent at the Survivor Series and asks her who she really is since she did a lot of gimmick changes, also citing the various nicknames she had, and then tells her that she is a "manufactured champion".

Then he adds that it's not that she hasn't had her moments of glory, but after the Survivor Series she will have a new nickname: Becky Oh-Uh and with the audience she begins to point out a series of unfortunate events that will lead everyone to say "Oh-Uh "ups" style.

She goes on she says that not only she can beat Becky, but all the other women who step into the ring as well and even if she beats them, she makes them stars and her new nickname should be "The Star Maker". The team of Angel and Humberto, now named Los Lotharios, had a big match on SmackDown.

They faced Rick Boogs and Intercontinental Champion Shinsuke Nakamura, picking up the victory in the process.

Los Lotharios had a big match

It's going to be a while before that happens, primarily because of The Usos' association with Roman Reigns.

With that said, a heel vs. heel match is still possible. Otherwise, WWE could always turn Los Lotharios face at some point, and give them a big title push against Jey and Jimmy Uso. The positive of this is that they're being presented as the next big team on the Friday night show.

Before it can go on, however, Toni Storm comes out to interrupt her by saying that in reality, she has not done anything she says to do and then the challenge for the title tonight with the audience screaming "YES YES YES" and the Queen replies: "Absolutely not.

"Before leaving. Backstage Kayla Braxton interviews King Woods who says that Roman is wrong if he thinks that he will bow to him recognizing him as Tribal Chief and as the king and that instead, it will be the Samoan who does it before Xavier can take possession of his "island".

The tag team looks very promising and has been showing great potential. The two are also related outside the ring and are real-life cousins. Angel Garza and Humberto Carrillo are your newest tag team on SmackDown and will soon prove their worth.

Earlier, both men were in a feud on the RAW roster. Angel Garza is a former Cruiserweight Champion. He debuted on NXT in 2019 in the NXT breakout tournament. Later, Garza got a shot for the Cruiserweight title and defeated Lio Rush to become the new Cruiserweight Champion.