Smackdown: Toni Storm breaks into the Women's Championship scene

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Smackdown: Toni Storm breaks into the Women's Championship scene

Roman Reigns vs King Woods. After the 100 year entry of Reigns, where I usually do a power nap, the king also arrives and the match begins, with the New Day member trying to play with cunning and skill, overwhelmed a little by the size of Reigns.

The match is great and Woods proves once again that he is one of the most underrated wrestlers ever that he deserves more. In the end, it is Xavier Woods who wins through disqualification because while he is about to pin the Samoan, the Usos (obviously) intervene who drag him out and attack him heavily with the steps and immediately after.

The Queen did some trash-talking and reminded fans that she was the star-maker in WWE who gave women several opportunities. Flair wasn’t finished when former NXT UK Women’s Champion Toni Storm interrupted her. Toni Storm reminded Flair that she is yet to defend the SmackDown Women’s title since moving to the brand.

She followed it up with a challenge to The Queen for the title on SmackDown.

Toni Storm interrupted Charlotte

Roman kneels in the center of the ring and his cousins ​​do pass the crown to Heyman and put it on his head.

The fact is this, it actually suits him very well, it is undeniable, but was there really a need for all this with a Xavier Woods who never asked the company for anything other than to win the King Of The Ring and become king? In the end, Roman Reigns already has everything, he already has the glory of him.

Why take it off, Woods? Well, this concludes the story of the last episode of SmackDown, a really excellent episode among other things, but by now we know that with the blue show we are practically on the safe side. However, we remain in doubt about who will replace Aliyah and Zayn in their respective teams.

Rhea Ripley and Toni Storm had their first match in 2019. The roles were reversed back then. Ripley played the conniving heel, and Storm played the valiant baby-face. Rhea pulled off an upset in their first match and won the inaugural NXT UK Women’s Championship.

Storm won the rematch at NXT UK Takeover: Blackpool, to equal the score between the two. Io and Toni faced off in the finals of the 2018 Mae Young Classic. The international sensations pulled out all the stops to secure a future with the WWE, but Toni prevailed.

Shirai would eventually sign with WWE, but her loss to Storm must have taken a big bite out of her confidence. If Shirai were ever to lose the NXT Championship, Storm would be the perfect opponent to snatch it from her. Her run with the NXT UK Championship proves how dominant of a champion she can be.