Dutch Mantell opens up on Aliyah

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Dutch Mantell opens up on Aliyah

During the latest episode of SmackTalk, a Sportskeeda show, Dutch Mantell, in addition to commenting on the Charlotte Flair promo in a negative way, also had to complain about everything that happened to Aliyah. In fact, he expressed himself as follows: “They wanted her to do something extraordinary, that's why they were working with her.

And they did a good job. As much as I am looking at her, if she has had an experience of seven years, she is still very uncertain. She will get better." On what he did right during SmackDown, the man added, "I'm looking at her tonight and I think that girl isn't ready to be there yet.

But she could be and I saw it wrong. If she had 7 it should have been. more fluid. But beautiful girl, and it will go over if they decide to continue with her."

Dutch Mantell on Aliyah

On the backstage segment between Aliyah and Sonya Deville, which led the WWE officer to exclude the girl from Team SmackDown for the Surviror Series, despite her victory in the ring shortly before, Dutch Mantell said: "I thought Aliyah was the one they were going to beat because she was the weakest link, but her chasing and getting the win was good.

Now, I don't understand when she went backstage and was thrilled to have won her first match. at SmackDown, I didn't understand Sonya's arrival to take that moment away from her. I know it was only out of spite [against Naomi].

They need to figure this out and turn Sonya on someone quickly. It would be the perfect choice to join the SmackDown women's team for the Survivor Series." It was clear from the announcement on the social networks of the various teams that something would happen to Aliyah, also because the girl actually never did anything to deserve that place, if not to win, but precisely after being announced as part of the team.

What will Sonya do now? Who will replace Aliyah? Dutch Mantell further spoke on how everyone thought AJ Styles had signed with IMPACT Wrestling, but The Phenomenal One was rather on his way to WWE. Styles' 2016 move to WWE was considered unpredictable: "He didn't want to move to Cincinatti because he got his wife, he's got two kids and he wants to stay close to home.

I don't blame him, and then he actually went to Japan, stayed there. I don't know, a couple of years and then he actually signed a deal, I think with IMPACT, and then they said he signed but he didn't sign and the next thing you know, he's going to WWE."